zaterdag 24 november 2012

Tim Holtz Second Comic!

Remember the comic I made last year, inspired by tag 11 from 2011? There were so many fun reactions! News of the comic went like a buzz through our creative world. So I decided to do another comic this year!

Imagining the story took me about two weeks. Then I had to find the right pictures that would tell the story. You can't imagine how many hours I spent browsing through Tim and Mario's facebook albums! And when I got them almost done I kept needing one particular pose of Tim on the telephone. The stress was really getting to me for I really needed that picture!

In the end I saw no other solution than mailing Mario and asking him to capture Tim on the phone. Well, it will be no suprise to you to hear that Mario went one step further and had Tim POSING for him! When they heard about my project they were only to happy to help me! You can imagine me doing a happy dance! All the pictures I needed were on my desk now!

These are the pictures Mario sent me. Which picture do you think I choose? Thank you so much, Mario and Tim, for taking the time to help me out!

After the downloading and running the photo's through photoshop (resizing, brighten, contrast, posterfilters etc), which took about another two weeks, I went ahead with the actual crafting of the panels. Each panel is based on a tag technique from Tim. I will tell you more about those later.
And let's not forget about the speechbubbles! Making up texts takes a lot more time than you would think!. Printing, printing again, resizing and printing a third time to fit it all on the panels.....

Let's just say: it was an interesting, playful, creative and most of al FUN journey that took about six or seven weeks to complete! I hope you are interested enough to come back tomorrow and see what it's all about.
Come back tomorrow and see the first two panels of the new comic
Tim Holtz: Magical Mystery Color!!


even the littlest comment is greatly appreciated!

8 opmerkingen:

Claudine C. zei

Can't wait to see it, I'll be here tomorrow. :)

Anita Houston zei

Very cool to do this again...I can't wait to see it!

Lisa H zei

I didn't see this last year and now I am very curious! I look forward to seeing it. =)

janine stegman zei

absolutely the most creative thing i have seen. just saw last year's. fabulous and so funny. can't wait for this year's.

Richele Christensen zei

Wow! I can't wait to see tomorrow. What a creative idea!

jacquib07 zei

What a great concept. Such a patient and clever person. Can't wait to see the end results

jacquib07 zei

What a great concept. Such a patient and clever person. Can't wait to see the end results

Jean Dunning zei

very clever! Not surprised Mario & Tim would cooperate, they are both good sports! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.