dinsdag 4 december 2012

Tim Holtz - Magical Mystery Color. The End!

Hello bloggers! Today I present to you the conclusion to the story. I hope you enjoyed it. (click on the pictures to see them larger). If you want to read the whole comic at once, you can go to this post and click on the first panel.
The embellishments for panel 11 are based on tag 4, 2010. I processed the picture in photoshop to get the white frontpanel for the inkpad. On the original photo it's a blue inkpad.
And for the last panel I had to find my own techique to simulate that light glow! But I also borrowed the background technique from tag 8, 2008.

And this concludes the story of the magical mystery color. Thanks everyone for comming back every day. I leave you with a few pictures of the comic in progress:

Searching the facebook abums of Tim and Mario to find the right photo's. Hauling them through photoshop for brightening, posterfilter, resizing. Laying everything out on an extra workdesk and hoping nothing will blow away!
 Working on panel 8 with Dyan Reavely's colors and techniques. Do you see my storyboard on the lower left? I had all the ideas on that important paper and kept consulting it.
And lastly the finished comic book. I wanted to use bookrings at first but, besides from not having those bookrings, those would never fit! I used ball chain instead and I like it this way!
Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

even the littlest comment is greatly appreciated!

5 opmerkingen:

SusanK zei

What a delightful story you've written and illustrated about Tim and his processes! Hope you do more and share them with us!

Lisa H zei

Wow! that is a cool project and a labor of love. maybe we will have a Distress pigment white ink pad in the future, lol.

Jocelyn zei

This is an awesome project. I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for each installment.

BLockHEad zei

Great book!

Henriette zei

Fantastisch Linda, echt geweldig. Wat een werk heb je gedaan op dit boek. Misschien komt er nog wel echt een witte distress inkt, wie weet .... Heb genoten van je blogposts: chapeau !!!

Groetjes Henriette