zondag 11 december 2011

12 Tags of Christmas - a christmas story

Remember my take on tag 11? Well, I have been busy today (about 8 hours I think, all together) and created the complete comic! Without further ado: ENJOY!

And now I'm ready for something nice to drink! After 8 hours of making up the storyline, dividing panels, choosing colors and techniques, altering photo's in photoshop and countless misprints of texts, I am a little tired!

P.S. to answer a question in the comments (btw, thanks for all your sweet comments!): I did sent a tweet to Mario and he saw it. (even tweeted me back "so cool"!) So I imagine Tim saw it too.

even the littlest comment is greatly appreciated!

40 opmerkingen:

Margaret Kane Ward zei

You're a creative genius!!! That was fantastic. I'm sure Tim & Mario are going to love it, too!!!

Barbara zei

Absolutely wonderful! I can't imagine how much time this must have taken! Fantabulous!!!!!!!

Anita Houston zei

You are a creative genius!!! This is awesome! I just tweeted it to Tim and Mario!!!

Barbara Mason zei

This is too great!!!! Well done Linda!! I am laughing and going to read it again.....

Cris zei

Way too funny! You're so creative - great job!

Shelly Hickox zei

This is fantastic, Linda!! Very cute! :-)

ArteDar zei

I'm impressed!!! AWESOME and how fun you made this...I LOVE IT I would so love to have a copy for myself as well as find an awesome tag, the Steampunk one) in my mail!
MAGNIFICENT and all the hours payed off.
Peace and Love Happy Holidays

Ally White Cat zei

You are the wizard of funny..thank you for adding fun to my day.

susan s.

Ellen zei

This is GREAT! thanks for sharing.

Lin zei

Well done, Linda - you are so clever - this was fun - have you sent it along to Tim?

Anoniem zei

Such fun!!

Anoniem zei

This is sooooo cool and funny! Great job! :)

Melody (lacyquilter) zei

This is fabulous!

Marilyn zei

I took a 3 day work shop this past Aug. with Tim Holtz, and Mario was there helping him. It was a great time! I hope Mario passes these tags to TH as he has a wonderful sense of humor, and I think he would love to see them! How very clever of you, and how original! Great work!
Hugs, Marilyn

Edie zei

I love it! I can tell you put a lot of time and talent into it. Thank you for sharing !


Cher zei

how very fun!

Renee zei

Fantastic!!!! Love it! TFS!!

Dorothy zei

Way too cute!!!

KAT zei

This is so awesome! The story made me laugh and your artwork is fabulous!!! You should email this to Tim to make sure he see's it -he'll respond back!

Lynn Stevens zei

Oh my gosh That was too funny, Great job!!

paula zei

Linda this is fantastic!! It looks like you had a lot of fun doing this story. So glad that you got a tweet back from Mario :D xoxoxoxo

Godelieve zei

Fantastisch goed gedaan Linda!!!

cal8007 zei

I go to the comics page first, before reading everything else on Sunday, and I especially love these! So creative! TFS

Carmen L
El Paso, TX USA

Anoniem zei

TOOOOOO funny! Love it, you are very clever. TFS.
Gail in Oklahoma

okienurse zei

Very well done and so much fun! I am glad that everyone is having a lot of fun with the tags this year! Thanks for sharing your comic! Vickie


Tamara zei

wat een geweldig verhaal is het geworden. daar ben je idd even zoet mee geweest. en dan vandaag ook nog eens gewonnen op het blog van Tim (ik op 5 december ,hoe gaaf)Gefeliciteerd.

Wanda H zei

This is way, way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!

Heidi zei

This is awesome!!! So much fun! Thanks for sharing!

:) heidi

xxx Myra xxx zei

gaaf zeg!!

Scrapbookdoll zei

super gewoon :-D

LaStamper zei

Great job. TFS.

Craftgirl zei

Very good and entertaining.

Diana zei

oh how very creative!!!

Marjie Kemper zei

What fun! Love how the pic of them looking at CCC looks like they're caroling.

Trix zei

Wat geweldig leuk gedaan, Linda!
Ik kan me heel goed voorstellen dat je er een poos zoet mee bent geweest, maar het resultaat is er dan ook naar.
Hoe kom je op 't idee!

Nog van harte gefeliciteerd dat jouw naam uit de hoge hoed is gekomen van Tim.
Dat heb je nu helemaal wel verdiend!

prutsels zei

Ja Ik hoop ook echt dat hij dit heeft gezien Fantastish!

edutetje zei

Ziet er geweldig uit.

inge zei

Hallo Linda,

had op ATT gelezen over je Comic book !

Inderdaad zeer leuk om te zien en te lezen ! Waar haalde je het idee vandaan ?!?

Niet alleen het verhaal is leuk,maar het is ook heel plezant uitgewerkt met de foto's en de andere beelden die je gebruikte !

groetjes uit Belgiƫ

Henriette zei

Superleuk !!! Heel veel werk, maar je moet er ook maar op komen, humor hoor. Ik vind het echt prachtig, ben volger geworden hoor,

Stephanie Rodgers zei

That's a lot of work! Great job, and I'm sure Tim and his entire gang enjoyed it! I know I did!