maandag 5 december 2011

Tag 5

Tim Holtz used a known techique today but it's a GREAT technique. You can have even more fun with your stamps! Take a look at his tag:
I did it with the Classic Fabric stamp because I don't have the backwards text stamps. And it's best if you use a stamp with bold lines.
I used Alcohol ink in all red colors (cranberry, red pepper etc.) I had this green twine for ages and I thought it would make a good wrath. It was held in place by glossy accents. Here is a detail of the beads for you to enjoy:
Because it's very fluffy I could not glue beads on it. Instead I sowed with needle and thread some beads around it. To make them a bit more obvious I used stickles stardust.

even the littlest comment is greatly appreciated!

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Tamara zei

mooi jouw krans van fiber, erg leuk bedacht.