maandag 12 december 2011

Tag 12

Clackety, clackety, choo choo, clackety, clackety, clackety WOOH WOOH! The TIM TRAIN has arrived at the last station! Everybody leave the train and don't forget your luggage!
Yes, dear readers, we have arrived at the last tag, no.12. But I am happy. We had a journey loaded with techniques, inks and vintage goods. I had a wonderful time yesterday, when I created Tim's comic. (Take a look if you haven't read it yet! guaranteed to make you smile!)
And today, like the cherry on the cake, MY COMMENT WAS CHOOSEN! Jippiéééé! I can look forward to one of those wonderful packages Mario showed us tauntingly on twitter BTS photo's!
But before we say goodbye, let's take a look at tag 12, shall we?
It's a lovely blue white tag with lots of different details. As usual I had to substitute almost every one of them! Here is my take on tag 12:
Because I started this journey with the bird and cage when I gave the bird a choice: fly away or stay with me, I wanted to end with it too. The bird chose to stay with me! Today I gave him a lovely vintage cage with a christmas star on top. He likes it very much!
Here are some details for you to enjoy:
I found this little christmas ornament in my drawer where I keep al the "left-overs". It's attached to a memory pin by two jump rings.
I love how the birdcage came out! First I colored the grungepaper cage with green and blue and then I melted some UTEE over it. I did not completely cover it with UTEE but left some spots uncovered. Then I went over it with walnut stain. I love the patina effect!
These are sticky fabric letters. I didn't want to use a real christmas word because I thought it would be fun to end with .. erhmm.. well ... FUN! It has been fun, hasn't it? I used a black pen to color the appropriate edges to suggest dimension.
I made the flower with a simple white tissue. I just peeled the layers loose and colored the edges of the squares with crushed olive and broken china. Then I made the flower according to Tim's tutorial.

Here we are fellow travelers! Got all your luggage? Didn't forget anything? Oh please, let's HUG! It has been a wonderful journey together! The engine driver, Tim, got us safely on time at our destination. The conductor, Mario,  treated us with fantastic BTS photo's and stories. It has been a wonderful journey with beautiful vista's. Now it's time to say goodbye. But I'm sure we will bump into each other during the year. And next year on december 1st we will hop on the TIM-TRAIN again!

even the littlest comment is greatly appreciated!

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Tamara zei

mooi jouw tag en wat kun je leuk schrijven. Ik lees met een smile op mijn gezicht. En nu maar afwachten wat er in het pakketje zit en welk pakketje voor wie is. Show je het wel op je blog?