zondag 11 december 2011

Tag 11

Here we are already at tag 11, only one more tag to go. Time sure flies when you're having fun. (or did I say that already?!)
At first glance I didn't like tag 11 so much. I mean: melting pot? Don't have it! Comical Santa? Don't have it! Big text merry christmas? Don't have it! You see my despair beginning to emerge? Let's take a look at today's tag:
But then I stared some more at Tim's tag and an idea began to form in the deepest corners of my mind. And while working on tag 11 with stuff I DO HAVE, it all became clear. It's a COMIC! Yes, it really is! It's a panel of a comic book, where Santa is laughing because all is well with the world! See for yourself:
I can see the story unfold before my eyes. Tim and Mario in trouble because the tags are missing, a search with the reindeer Rudolph helping them and at last Santa laughing. He knew all the beautifully wrapped packages would be on time under the christmas tree! Hmm, maybe I will do the rest of the story in comic form too! Btw: the Happy Holidays text comes from Hero Arts stampset Happy Holiday Trees.
Here are some details for you to enjoy.
A long time ago I did bought a pot of UTEE. I cut out some holly leaves and colored them. Then I pushed them into some UTEE and melted it. Covered it some more, melted, added a third layer and then it looked enough like Tims gorgeous shrink plastic embellishments.
I needed an example of the font used in comics. Therefor I printed the text in "comic sans MS" font so I could copy it on my take of tag 11.
Then I searched through some comic books to see how comic writers made their characters do loud yells. I found a simple font I could do myself.
Well, there you are. Even a tag you don't like at first glance can take you on an unexpected journey!

edit: I DID do the whole story. Read it here!

even the littlest comment is greatly appreciated!

8 opmerkingen:

Minxy zei

Linda, your 'comic' really stood out in amongst the tags, Love It!
Happy Holidays

Anna zei

OH...I just had to come and look! LOVE the comic book look! I think your interpretation is wonderful!!!

Anoniem zei

I love your version, and no wonder, I chose the same stamp too!
Only one tag to go....sigh.

Xanapan zei

Hello from Australia! Great tag! I love the way you have used Tim's Tag to inspire your creativity in a different direction - Awesome!

YuliaM zei

Very unexpected! But your tag is really attractive! I like it!!!

Tamara zei

i love your comic book, very nice.

Nancy zei

Linda, your tag is so creative! Love it!

joy zei

Love your tag, Linda! And, congrats on being a winner today on Tim's blog!! woohoo!!!